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Sunny weather all year long. We have periods of dry season (april-november) and rainy season (november-march). During dry seasons you can enjoy high temperatures close to 30 degrees with pleasant humidity. During rainy seasons humidity is little bit higher, so is the temperature, close to 33 degrees. Astonishing and breathtaking nature is all around.

Our villas are built on the southern peninsula of Bukit. You can visit the most beautiful beaches on Bali. The temperature in this location is stable between 30-33°C and there is a pleasant sea breeze here.


Pack light clothing and hat. If you decide to go hiking in the mountains or to explore the land we recommend to pack ong-sleeved clothing too.

Are you planning a volcano tour? A light jacket is a good idea. Night temperatures drop to 12°C. For the volcano tour, we recommend a raincoat, a spare t-shirt and a solid footwear.

It is necessary to cover your arms and knees when visiting a temple. Sarong (scarf) is a must, we recommend you to buy it at the market and carry it with you.

Men may be required to wear long trousers in restaurants.


Bali cuisine is influenced by many cultures. You can find the traces of Chinese, European and Indian Cuisine. Local specialities include Babi Guling which is Bali’s speciality. If you order Babi Guling you get freshly baked pieces of pork.

„No rice, no food.“

Rice is served practically with every meal. You will also find it in the Bakso soup (similar to a chicken broth). Other favourite meals are Nasi Goreng (fried rice with vegetables) and Mie Goreng (fried noodles with vegetables). You can buy a great Satay on the street (skewer), Martabak (salted pancake with egg and vegetables), or Terang Bulan (sweet pancake with chocolate, nuts and other treats).

In our villa you can hire an excellent local chef or take part in the Bali Cuisine Cooking Class.


Vaccination before traveling to Bali is not mandatory. Just for the safety of their mind, prior to the vacation some travelers get vaccination against typhoid, hepatitis A and B and sometimes against rabies. It is really up to you. However, we do recommend travelers to get vaccination in order to prevent possible unpleasant medical complications.


In Indonesia, the main currency is the Indonesian rupee (IDR).
Currency conversion is not complicated: 16.000 IDR is approximately 1 EUR (May 2018).

Could be useful:

If you round up the amount, the conversion is easy.

1.600 IDR= approx 0,01 EUR (May 2018)


Import and export:

A customs declaration with import restrictions must be filled in at the airport upon arrival:

  • You can import goods worth 250 USD/person free of charge or 1000 USD/family. Goods above the limit are subject to import duties.
  • An adult is allowed to import 200 cigarettes, 100g tobacco or 1 litre of alcohol.
  • Imports of live animals and fish, plants and products of this origin are subject to a quarantine inspection
  • It is forbidden to import narcotics (Drug smuggling is subject to the death penalty), medicaments (except for personal use), firearms and other weapons, ammo, explosives, pornography, Chinese prints and medicines.
  • Imports of recorded videotapes, laser video tapes and other recordings is a subject to censorship.

Import and export of currency is not officially limited, higher amounts are recommended to declare at the time of arrival for smooth exports. Import of local currency is allowed up to 5 mil. IDR/person, amount over 5 mil. IDR must be declared. Imports of more than 10 million IDRs is only possible with an already issued permission from the Indonesian State Bank (Letter of Permission, Bank Indonesia).



    – daily IDD 70,000, monthly IDR 850,000 (only valid if you are in our resort)

  • RENT A CAR without driver

    – a daily rate of 350 000 to 450 000 IDRs depending on the season and type of car (manual / slot machine, etc.)

  • CAR RENTAL with a driver

    – daily rate 700 000-950 000 IDR (10 hours), depending on the season and number of passengers

On Bali, we drive on the left hand side of the road. The official allowed speed limit is 40 km/hour in the village and 70 km/hour outside the village, but the rules are very benevolent. We don’t recommend violating traffic regulations. As you are a foreigner, you will always be a target of a possible control. Reserve an extra time if you rent a car, as it will take you up to an hour to drive a 30 km distance due to the local traffic. You must present an international driving license at the rental office, if you would like to rent a car or a motorbike. At the beginning of your stay, we recommend using a taxi or rent a car with a driver who will also be an excellent guide to you. This will usually be cheaper than a car rental. Shorter distances should cost around 50.000 Rp by taxi.
We recommend using a helmet! Don’t drive without shoes, without a shirt and without a helmet on Bali. If you breach these rules, you are more likely to become a target of a random police checks and accidents.

Visa requirement

Czech citizens do not have a visa requirement for 30 days. Other types of visas can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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