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Let us seduce you with our offer then…

BGF Ride BALI 2018

BGF Ride BALI 2018

What do we offer?

  • 13 days stay, 12 nights
  • Airport transfer
  • Accommodation in brand new bungalows (2 persons / bungalow) with breakfast
  • 3x whole day trip to see the beauties of Bali
  • 3x half-day trip to local attractions
  • 2x 60-minute Balinese massage
  • 3x shuttle to nearby beaches (Balangan, Dreamland, Melasti, Pandawa)
  • 1x all-day stay at Karma Beach’s private beach club with lunch and drink
  • 1x late dinner and drink in the stylish club with live music
  • 1x seafood lunch in a unique Fish market
  • 1x yoga lesson with local yoga teacher
  • 1 course of cooking in Balinese followed by consumption


How much for all that?                     Just 859 USD


Who can apply?

Groups of four to six BGF who do not like to travel with travel but do not even want to waste time searching for where to go, what they will do, how to get there, arrange something, etc. They simply want to enjoy!

What to expect?

Throughout the stay, private guide and organizator who will guide you through the whole stay and arrange everything that did not come here but you wanted to see or know about Bali.

For more information, please contact us:
+620 821-4524-7262

Opening season 2018

Opening season 2018


  • 10-day stay for two in a bungalow: 429 USD
  • 10-day stay for three in the bungalow: 519 USD
  • 14-day stay for two in the bungalow: 469 USD
  • 14-day stay for three in a bungalow: 569 USD


Included in price:

* Bed and breakfast
* Airport transport
* Shuttle to nearby beaches

Child under 5 years free of charge

Scooter rent prices:

* 10days: 47 USD
* 14days: 66 USD

More about accommodation:

Contact e-mail:

Offer valid for stays until 30.11.2018



Traditional Balinese massage

Traditional Balinese massage

In our resort you can try local massages. Bali massage seeks to achieve perfect body and mind relaxation. It uses long strokes that resemble the movement of sea water, relaxes the tension and tension of your muscles, calms the flow of thoughts.

Massage begins with body acupressure through sarong and continues with intense oil motions.

The Balinese believe that deeper relaxation is achieved when blood and oxygen flows freely through the body and only then can energy flow through the body through the body without obstacles. The aim of Bali massage is to achieve perfect relaxation of the mind and body, a feeling of amazing relaxation, energy and total refreshing.

What massage can help with:

* Relaxing tense muscles

* relieving joint pain

* stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation

* relief of headache, migraine

* alleviation of chronic and acute respiratory problems related to allergies or asthma

* removal of sleep disorders, insomnia * stress relieving, nervousness, depression

* the induction of relaxation, the harmonization of body and soul


Price 60min. massage: 11 USD

Relaxation Packages

Relaxation Packages


Package for solo travelers I. 18 USD

30 min. whirlpool + 2x Bintang + 60 min. Bali massage for one

Package for solo traveler II. 27 USD

30 min. whirlpool + bottle of local wine + 60 min. Bali massage for one

Luxury therapy package for a pair of I. 34 USD

45 min. whirlpool + 4x Bintang + 60ti min. Bali massage for two

Luxury therapy package for couple II. 45 USD

45 min. whirlpool // bottle of local wine // 60ti min. bali massage for two
Personal Tarot Cartomancy

Personal tarot cartomancy


Interpretation of tarot cards on questions of relationships, work, finances and health.

I will be happy to make you aware of your life’s journey.

Cards are better answered when you ask specific questions that can be answered YES – NO.


Price 30min. interpretation: 11 USD




Stay in our bungalows and
enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Private villas

Are you looking for a family holiday? Our private villas will be a perfect match for you. Relaxation in paradise!

Luxury villas

Enjoy the luxury and let us spoil you during your vacation! Choose what's best for you!

Do you have a scheduled holiday in your calendar? Here you will find out which accommodation we have for you!


Jl. Sandat
Desa Cengiling
Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan

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Bali Mynah Resort is located in the Jimbaran area of Bali. It was built three years ago and by the end of 2017 we extended the whole complex so that everyone could enjoy their holiday here, according to their ideas.


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